Ceremonial Energetic Space Clearing

Woman smudging with sage

Everything is Energy and That’s All There Is To It.

…Albert Einstein

Wisdom From The Ancients

Throughout the world, ancient civilizations as well as native cultures have performed sacred ceremonies to instil beneficial energy into living spaces. Previously in our modern world these traditions have dissipated and withered away.  However, we are now again seeing the rebirth of space clearing in gratitude to the deep wisdom of Gaia, our Mother Earth.  These long forgotten ceremonies, skills and methods have resurfaced to clear away negativity to infuse our homes and businesses with vibrant and uplifting energies by creating sacred space for us to function to our highest and greatest good.

Ceremonial Space Clearing is a specialized form of life force energetic clearing that harmonizes and balances the flow of energy, in spaces at very deep levels.  Stagnation preventing the flow of energy is caused by any thought or thing that causes us to feel disconnected, disturbed, or out of balance. Further causes are emotional residue or memory patterns left behind by previous occupants, naturally occurring energy patterns from the earth and electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) caused by the crowding of electrical appliances, electronic devices, resources and clutter.

Sensitive people experience uncomfortable chills when entering a room or being in the presence of someone and even avoid certain rooms in their own homes.  Some people are afraid to be left alone at home because they feel like someone is there watching them.

The reason for this is because Earthbound Spirits choose not to cross over when they become deceased.  If the spirit resists the urge to continue into the afterlife, it becomes earthbound; a disembodied spirit, half-way between living and dead and still attuned to the human dimension.  An Earthbound Spirit just wants to enjoy the presence of the house in which it is connected and has a strong desire to help its remaining loved ones in the living realm.The problem with this is that since these spirits have no physical energy to exist, they resort to borrowing the energy of living people around the area.A feeling of exhaustion or low energy may result in the living individual residing in that house.The ceremony that I provide is a safe environment for the intrusive spirit to be released in peace.

Another problem for the homeowner is that when they choose to sell the family home, these spirits interfere, thereby preventing the sale of their home.  Spirits also attach themselves to mirrors, pictures, antique furniture, clothing and jewellery.

These spirits also remain in storefront businesses and industrial units when the previous owners have passed over, or went into insolvency.  I am quite sure you have witnessed properties being vacant for extended periods of time, only having the new tenant experience the same issues.

Your home or office is an extension of your body. Just like the body or the soul, if land or a dwelling experiences trauma, an imprint can be left behind that causes certain wounding events, circumstances, and relationships to skip and repeat. For example, the remaining energy of an argument that has taken place is recorded in the walls, the floor, the ceiling, the furniture, objects and plants, and is imprinted in the very fabric of the structure of your home and can linger long after it has ended.

If not cleared, this cycle can continue endlessly. In other cases, suffering or intrusive beings (entities) may be stuck on your property and need assistance in crossing  to the next dimension for their continual growth, healing and evolution. Sometimes the land itself needs a soul retrieval to remove negative karma.

Just like our bodies, our home and possessions store imprints of pain and suffering. If you are experiencing stagnation; energetic and spiritual disturbances; low vibrational or intrusive energies in or around your home or office, perhaps you would benefit from a house clearing and blessing to raise the vibrational frequency to one of abundance, health, peace, joy and vitality.

I will come to your home, assess what needs to be cleared physically and energetically, as well as what needs to be restored.  After the assessment I will set up a sacred altar in the heart of your dwelling, call in all of my helping spirits, to set sacred space and assess what will serve your highest healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I will close the ceremony with healing and blessings.

 Some common reasons people choose to have a Ceremonial Energetic Space Clearing:

    • Open yourself to new possibilities by creating a breakthrough in your life
    • Clear away physical and emotional clutter
    • Promote healing, health and well being
    • Stimulate success in your place of business
    • Release lack of energy, tiredness and insomnia
    • Feel a sense of belonging and rootedness
    • More easily sell your home or business
    • Once you have moved into a new home, or are intending to sell your home
    • Create a sparkly and spacious atmosphere
    • Clear traumatic experiences in the space
    • Release relationship problems with neighbours
    • Experience greater clarity and awareness by clearing your clutter and discovering who you are
    • Feel more at ease and peaceful
  • Create Sacred space for your spiritual growth

Your investment for a Ceremonial Energetic Space Clearing is $350.00 CDN.

You are responsible for your own ENERGY and you take responsibility for the ENERGY you bring into any space. ~Oprah~

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