Brenda Adler is a Toronto based Energy Medicine Practitioner. She specializes in Shamanism and Ceremonial Energetic Space Clearing.

Head shot of Brenda Adler

Brenda’s Story:

My introduction to Energy Medicine occurred about twenty-five years ago when I was in a deep crisis.  My marriage had fallen apart and, with it, everything else.  An injury to my spine as a result of a serious car accident and cancer, were no accidents, but a wake up call to go inward, and take personal responsibility to heal my life on a body, mind and spiritual level.   These illnesses were the starting point of my spiritual growth.  Being a voracious collector of information, I read that our bodies are vast reservoirs of memories and wisdom, and although our minds often get in the way, our bodies know our truth by continually sending us messages by way of illness, physical pain and accidents. As I wanted to heal my body and my life, I started to pay attention to Creator by relying on my intuition and meditation practices and investigated alternative ways to assist my healing process. Eventually, life experiences on my journey towards self-healing expanded to the healing of others.

My healing path has been an exciting one, especially the journey within, which has taken me around the world and back. A number of teachers and mentors entered my life, as I was fortunate to meet a variety of people from both the spiritual and scientific communities. My healing journey invited new approaches to healing by my training with Masters of Reiki Natural Healing from Australia, Acupuncture from Sri Lanka, Maternity Reflexology from Britain, and Meditation Instruction and training as an Instructor, from the Monks at a Buddhist Monastery in Bangkok, Thailand and Reflexology in Canada. In addition, I have received from the Q’ero Shamans in Peru, the healing medicine rites of the Inka tradition that are complementary to my teachings from Shaman Pete Bernard, of the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation in Golden Lake, Ontario. I am continuing with my studies in Energy Medicine, Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong (CFQ) Healing with Chok C. Hiew, Ph.D.

Like most people, I had spent my life searching for happiness outside of myself, constantly running away from the pain of my past only to discover that Energy Medicine combined with spiritual coaching, connected me with my body and my emotions in a most profound, meaningful and immediate way. As a practitioner of Energy Medicine, I continue to provide my clients with intuitive guidance and energetic insights to release their suffering, with specific hands-on-healing and Shamanic Ceremonies. By using my mentoring skills and abilities to assist people to regain their health, by taking control of their lives, even at times when doctors have given up, is my true passion. May I encourage you to allow my knowledge and skills guide you to wholeness, freedom from suffering and inner peace. My contribution to the world is that of being a caretaker of Mother Earth, healing one person at a time.

I have been blessed and am in deep gratitude to all of my ancestors, guides, teachers, clients and most powerful, Creator for my personal and spiritual development.

With this website my journey continues……..