Shamans were the world’s first healers, priests and therapists.  The word “shaman” or “saman” comes from a Siberian tribe, but most indigenous societies around the world relied on someone who could perform this role when they faced illness, loss of spirit, or other crises.  From cave paintings in southern France, it is suggested that shamanic practices are at least 20,000 years old.

The content of a Shamanic Journey depends on the intention.  People travel through a landscape and encounter animals, spirit beings, guides, angels, saints or ancestors who have wisdom and healing to share.  Sometimes people visit scenes from their childhood or past lives, or reclaim power and soul qualities that were lost during traumatic events.  Most journeys have a strong visual aspect, but some are experienced through sound, physical sensations, flows of energy, movement, or a deep inner knowing.  Some journeys are serene and joyful, while others could involve a deep release of emotional trauma, followed by an experience of love, power or healing energy.

Other ceremonies that I provide are Extractions of hardened energy to increase physical mobility, Personal Power Retrieval, and Binding and Energetic Cord Cutting.  Shamanic Journeys are beneficial for specific issues such as trauma recovery, sexual abuse, depression, alcoholism and other addictive behaviors, illness, grief and loss and for difficult transitions and decisions.

Space clearing is another shamanic ceremony used to release all the past energy and memories of events created by previous occupants of a space.  The energy patterns and the emotional cycles that are stuck, are released thereby increasing the levels of energy in the atmosphere at your home, property or at your workplace.  Since this process creates a better quality of life,    this ceremony is most often performed when a new house or property has been purchased.

A Bands of Protection Ceremony provides physical, emotional and spiritual protection from unwanted negative energies directed towards them.  Everyone, including health care practitioners would greatly benefit from participating in this ceremony to avoid absorbing the negative energy of other people and the environment.

Another ceremony that I perform is transitioning my clients back into the world of spirit when nearing the end of their physical life.  A gentle life review process by my client reveals what may be left unfinished or unresolved during their lifetime.  The “Lightening” ceremony follows, which releases whatever is not needed anymore, preparing my client to be birthed into the world of Spirit, with a sense of lightness, forgiveness and deep peace.  The Spirit is freed from the physical body during the Death Rites, by celebrating their homecoming back to the Spirit World.  By offering home, hospice and hospital visits for all Death Rites, these Rites must be given before the Rites of any other religious tradition.

By healing our inside world, the outside world we live in changes.  What we think, we create.  By entering into the unknown in a facilitated shamanic journey, one can rediscover the interconnectedness with all beings; feel the direct presence of Spirit in our lives and envision a new, sustainable future by learning to see, listen and live from our hearts.